Our management team is comprised of leaders across the customer acquisition and lead generation fields. We combine industry best practices with world-class management tools, and exceptional people to provide a dedicated organization committed to your success.

Why us?

Helping Business Succeed

Led by over 30 years of experience in the direct-to-consumer & lead generation fields, Sidekick offers custom-curated sales and support teams, custom built according to your business needs and values.

Based in Kansas, with a national presence, the Sidekick team leverages deep roots in the local community, focused expertise in sales across various industries, and a reputation for customer service excellence to foster growth for companies of all sizes.

20,000 and counting

New Opportunities Created


Revenue Created for Sidekick’s Partners

What OUR clients Say


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What We Believe


Each of these values touches on the fundamentals of what makes Sidekick authentic, unique and aligned with our customer’s needs.  It’s more than what we do, it’s what we stand for.

Customer Centricity

Our commitment to our customers is our top priority. We see ourselves as partners, not just service providers, and strive to achieve success aligned with client goals and objectives. From the first phone call to the signed contract and beyond, we focus on building and maintaining a relationship with customers that feels highly customized and personal.


We work together as one team towards a common goal, but every member plays a critical role in getting there. We check our egos at the door to inspire and motivate each other every day, taking a genuine interest in the success of our colleagues and the business.


Producing meaningful work requires being sincere and authentic in all that we do. We build genuine relationships with teammates and customers by taking an approach of transparent interactions and straightforward communications.


We are constantly aiming to exceed expectations. That means taking risks, learning from mistakes, and encouraging colleagues to do the same in an entrepreneurial spirit. Good ideas are born from a passion to generate creative solutions for our customers and raise the bar – for our workplace and our industry – today and as we continue to grow.


Our unwavering focus remains on the task at hand. To achieve success requires defining realistic goals clearly and confidently and staying the course until they are accomplished. We don’t expect perfection, just a steadfast determination to make things happen.


We invest in our customers and colleagues to create an environment of trust. That commitment of time and spirit fosters relationships in which honesty and authenticity is appreciated and accepted. Good counsel comes from a place of care and confidence, and we strive to deliver that through highs and lows.